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Sport In Life

Leading importer and distributor of premium sports brands and equipment.

Project summary

Sport In Life are a leading importer and distributor of premium sports brands and equipment across the UAE and Arabian Gulf.

They approached us wanting a fresh new website that would showcase the range of brands that they work with. We delivered them a modern, clean website that gave their brands pride of place and effectively communicated their company. We also included information to help consumers find local stockists and product service information.

We’ve since formed a long term relationship as their preferred supplier, delivering further phases of development including a community section where they can interact with their customers and allowing retailers to register to access customised B2B information and brand documentation. We continue to work with them to ensure their website works hard for them and achieves maximum value.


  • Consultation
  • Front end design
  • Front end production, HTML, CSS, JQuery
  • Back end production, PHP, MySQL
  • Bespoke Wordpress customisation/theme development
  • Integrated marketing email campaigns

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Sport in Life B2B

Business to business

As well as providing comprehensive information on their brands, the site allows direct communication with retailers. Retailers can register and login to a specific B2B section where they can view and download information and documentation specific to the brands stocked in their stores.

Bespoke Wordpress customisation

Over 60 million websites are powered by Wordpress, a powerful open source content management platform. We love Wordpress because it offers great power and flexibility as well as offering our clients a clear and simple way to manage their sites.

Our experience allows us to customise the platform to meet our client’s specific needs, adding custom post types and other features tailored to their site’s requirements. Not everyone’s content is the same so we customise the user experience to ensure managing our client’s unique content is as clear and simple as it can be.

Integrated marketing email campaigns

Integrated marketing email campaigns

While browsers on desktops and mobile devices continue to move forward, supporting modern web standards, email clients remain firmly rooted in the past. In fact, in some cases the HTML support in email clients has moved backwards. This means that developing HTML emails that render well across devices is a challenge and requires a completely different set of skills.

Thankfully, we’ve been developing HTML emails for years and we’re perfectly equipped to manage our client’s marketing campaigns. Whether they prefer Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor or an alternative system, we can design and build templates that will deliver their message exactly as they intended, ensuring that our client’s brand is consistently presented across the board.

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