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Lighthouse Risk Services
Lighthouse Risk Services
Lighthouse Risk Services

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Experts in Health & Safety compliance and Employment Law legislation.

Project summary

Lighthouse specialise in Health & Safety and Employment Law. They approached us wanting a clean, professional website that would communicate the services they offer and give them full content management to manage the site moving forwards. They also wanted a Partner that could help take their business forward and offer market-leading services to their customers.

We designed and produced a bespoke site customised to their needs to represent their brand online. We also integrated their marketing campaigns to streamline their business and provide a consistent presentation across their communication channels.

Once their main online presence was aligned we delivered a market-leading solution for Lighthouse clients to manage their own internal Health & Safety compliance, allowing them to complete all necessary documentation online quickly and easily and allowing a clear and comprehensive audit trail.


  • Consultation
  • Front end design
  • Front end production, HTML, CSS, JQuery
  • Back end production, PHP, MySQL
  • Bespoke Wordpress customisation/theme development
  • Integrated marketing email campaigns

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Market-leading Health & Safety solution

Market-leading Health & Safety solution

Our bespoke system offers Lighthouse clients secure access to a customised system where they can easily manage their own Health & Safety requirements. As well as being able to complete Risk Assessment and Accident Report forms online they can access library documentation and manage their own document library.

In addition to this they can create a Health & Safety action plan by managing oustanding tasks and create a dynamic, bespoke training matrix to monitor and record all relevant Health & Safety training provided to their employees. Where customers need to print information for their records, we also create dynamic PDFs to create beautifully formatted, branded documentation for their records.

Powerful, customised search

The Lighthouse site is made up of a number of key object types - Services, Case Studies, Downloads as well as informational pages.

Central to the site design is a powerful, customised search mechanic that displays search results broken down by object type. This allows any subject search to return structured, clear results and incredibly fast access to related information around the site.

Powerful, customised search
Fully responsive design

Fully responsive design

The range of devices accessing sites is constantly changing, whether that be high resolution desktop machines, laptops, netbooks, tablets or mobile devices, it’s become vital to allow our sites to adapt intelligently.

By using advanced CSS techniques and media queries, we provided an optimal viewing experience by serving different styles based on the user’s screen resolution. This means that the site automatically adapts and reformats to ensure that it is just as beautiful, clear and easy to use, no matter what device is being used.

Integrated marketing email campaigns

While browsers on desktops and mobile devices continue to move forward, supporting modern web standards, email clients remain firmly rooted in the past. In fact, in some cases the HTML support in email clients has moved backwards. This means that developing HTML emails that render well across devices is a challenge and requires a completely different set of skills.

Thankfully, we’ve been developing HTML emails for years and we’re perfectly equipped to manage our client’s marketing campaigns. Whether they prefer Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor or an alternative system, we can design and build templates that will deliver their message exactly as they intended, ensuring that our client’s brand is consistently presented across the board.

Integrated marketing email campaigns

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What the client had to say…

“We initally engaged Simon to overhaul and update our old website. We were absolutely delighted with the excellent work he put into designing our new site and would have no hesitiation in recommending his services to others.”

Chris Hall CMIOSH, Partner – Lighthouse